【BLACK FRIDAY•2021/11/26 1day 50%OFF】
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🎉Ayasa SHOP  “BLACK FRIDAY” 一日限りの大セールのお知らせ 全品50%オフ‼︎

来る11月26日金曜日、Ayasa SHOPにおきまして、“BLACK FRIDAY”一日限りの大セールを行います。

◉2021年11月26日深夜0時〜23時59分 一日限り
◉当ショップ内の掲示全商品 定価より50%オフ

※ 商品の準備の為、前後の時間に一時的サイトを閉鎖しますので、予めご了承ください。



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🎉Ayasa SHOP “BLACK FRIDAY” One day only big sale 50% off all items‼︎
Thank you for visiting our store.

On Friday, November 26th, the Ayasa Shop will be having a one-day “BLACK FRIDAY” sale.
All items will be 50% off, and the sale will end when all items are sold out. The details are as follows

◉ November 26, 2021, midnight to 11:59pm, one day only
◉ 50% discount on all items posted in this store.

※If the product is sold out, the sale will end there. We recommend you to buy as early as possible.
※Please note that some of the products displayed on the day of the event may not be available for purchase. Please understand.
※Please note that the site will be temporarily closed before and after the event for product preparation.

We hope you will take this opportunity to consider purchasing our products.


⭐️Rock Violinist Ayasa Launches Online Store for Overseas Purchases in Response to Fervent Requests from Fans Worldwide!!

With the videos of her covering anime songs on the violin becoming hot topics even overseas including in China, rock violinist Ayasa has been flooded with many offers from anime event organizers in various countries. In response to the strong requests from overseas fans wishing to purchase Ayasa’s official merchandise, Ayasa’s Official Merchandise Online Store, Ayasa SHOP, has launched its service to allow for purchases to be made from overseas.


※Language display can be changed from the tab on the top right hand side of the page. (8 languages supported)
Please note that the above link will bring you to the online store exclusively for purchases from outside of Japan. You will not be able to purchase from this store from within Japan.

Here, you will be able to purchase merchandise sold on the Ayasa SHOP in Japan. Merchandise both new and old, such as original T-shirts, tote bags, CD jacket design T-shirts and CD albums, will be available for purchase. Overseas fans who wish to purchase Ayasa’s official merchandise, please do check it out.

Official Website: http://www.ayasa-violin.com


由小提琴演奏动漫歌曲的视频,中国包含在内在海外引起热门话题,并从各国动漫活动的邀请蜂拥而至的摇滚小提琴家Ayasa(绚沙)的官方周边邮购网站Ayasa SHOP上因从日本国外粉丝们的热烈要求而开始实施了从海外可以购买的服务。



在此可以购买日本Ayasa SHOP中销售中的商品,有原创T恤衫、手提袋、CD封面T恤衫、过去销售中的CD等等,新商品、旧商品并列销售中,想要购买Ayasa周边的海外粉丝们请不要错过。