✧Song Title: Koe (聲)
✦ Original singer: Tsukiko Amano
✧ Game/Serie: Fatal Frame III
✦ Vocals: me
✧ Mix: Cinnabuns → https://twitter.com/cinnabunsu
✦ Art and Video: HAN → https://twitter.com/somhan123

Hiiii, I’m back with something i’ve recorded MONTHS AND MONTHS ago, with the time i started feeling weird about this old recording of mine but i wanted to share it because my friends worked hard for this!!💕
Both Cinna and HAN made a really great job with mix and visuals,i’m really thankful for having had their help in this, pls check them out you won’t regret!! **

Someone *stares at that someone* once suggested me to sing this song, as i listened to it i fell in love and i recorded my lines in an instant!!
Awww i wish i could give a better justice to this song ;;; … btw i hope you will like it anyway!!
Thanks for listening and see you soon!!!!**