西側ではむしろ小型 /不明です

Some time ago I received a request whether I could also publish videos from Nicovideo. Unfortunately, this is associated with major problems, so I cannot make this integration.
Unfortunately, the following problems speak against an integration of Nicovideo.

Service subscription
For a video call in a higher quality than 396p, you have to pay a payment subscription to Nicovideo.

Missing languages
Nicovideo is specially designed for the Japanese visitors and there is no western languages, so it makes it difficult for western visitors to be used, which have no great knowledge of the Japanese language.

Rather small / unknown in the west
Unfortunately, this platform here in the West is more of a small (or unknown platform) and this would be extremely complex to create a system that automatically integrates the videos from this platform into my system (manually individual posts would be possible, but with one too large Number, this would be too complex)