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◈ Circle:
Takamachi Walk

◈ Arrangement:
wasi (here)

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◈ Video: wasi

◈ Original:
The Centennial Festival for Magical Girls / 魔法少女達の百年祭
Embodiment of Scarlet Devil – Extra Stage
Team Shanghai Alice / ZUN

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kibou wo nakushitanda (I’ve lost hope)
mou mienai uso no iro (no longer can I see the color in those lies)
kesasete mirai wo (let me erase the future)
mou shindatte ii (I don’t care if it kills me)

I carve myself hollow bleed myself dry
don’t think about me you’re wasting your time
I’ll never forget what gave me these scars and
I never asked for the weight of a heart

so I’ll pretend I’m alright act like I’m fine
I say that I’m okay but that’s just a lie
a ghost in the mirror under the mask
this feeling of emptiness tears me apart
itami de nao (the pain keeps building)
kezurareru (and fear tears me apart)
kyoufu wo kyouki de azawarau (so let my insanity take over as I smile)
I’m dying to see
hakai shitara ne (when I break the mirror)
kagami no naka no hito wa (what happens to the person inside)

kawaita kokoro ga wak’ (my parched heart pulses)
shiinda mama no hou ga ii no ni (if only it would stay dead)
konna mono ga hoshikunakatta (I never wanted this)
doushite nozondeshimau? (why does it keep hoping?)

quiet is comfort
silence my heart end my misery
eternal slumber
is all that I ask so put me to sleep